About the Program

Emory University’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers a certificate in psychoanalytic studies. The Psychoanalytic Studies Program (PSP) deals with the theory, application, and history of psychoanalytic thought and practice. It is not a clinical training program.  Designed to give students a thorough knowledge of psychoanalysis across a range of disciplines, the certificate requires participation in  series of informal talks by faculty and students, attendance at   colloquia provided by faculty and psychoanalysts, completion of a four-course curriculum,  preparation of a substantial paper of publishable quality and inclusion of a section on Psychoanalytic Studies in departmental doctoral examination.

The program draws faculty from Emory College, the Law School, and the Department of Psychiatry in the School of Medicine. In addition, faculty affiliated with the Emory University Psychoanalytic Institute, the Atlanta Foundation for Psychoanalysis, and the Atlanta Psychoanalytic Society participate in the program, linking the academy with the psychiatric and psychoanalytic communities. Some psychoanalytic studies program courses enroll both analytic candidates and graduate students, fostering a rare opportunity for dialogue between traditionally disparate worlds.  
The PSP students are provided a great deal of flexibility in designing courses of study to suit their unique needs and interests. Because psychoanalytic thought is not bound to one discipline, students are encouraged to cross disciplinary and intellectual boundaries.